Furthermore,participates in various TV cooking programmes such as "Stin Kouzina Olotachos" for 3 years, "Chef on the air", "Master chef" and others.

Author of cookery books "Άρωμα Μεσογείου", Made in Greece" and inserts cookbooks in newspapers and magazines such as Food Guide", "Gourmet" of the newspaper Eleftherotypia, "BHMA GOURMET" of the newspaper "To Vima","Salt and Pepper " and other culinary magazines.

Collaborator and co-presenter in seminars of Ducasse σε Κύπρο και Ελλάδα.

Trainer in hotel chains and catering. Presenter in thematic seminars of SETE.

Demonstrations in Greece and abroad and collaborations with companies such as Thermomix and Eletro.


35 years in the kitchen

After 35 years of experience in the kitchens of gastronomically and financially successful restaurants in Greece and abroad, as well as working for 21 years as a teacher of Culinary Art the chef of,is preparing and focusing on new business and professional partnerships.

He has made some of the biggest successes in the Greek gastronomic scene, as the chef of, Catrine-Mykonos, Casa di pasta, Cubanita, Red Maracesh, Vive Mar, Baraonda, but also many other gastronomically awarded big restaurants of Athens, Red-Athinais Cultural Center, Dionysus on the Acropolis, Athens Golf club etc.

At the same time, he provides his consulting services to numerous businesses throughout Greece, with his prestige and many years of knowledge and experience.

Latest news

Εστιατόριο Ιολκός

Elevated fish eating in "Iolko"

It made a name for itself in Glyfada for its variety of spirits, but also for their matching with exquisite and playful appetizers, always identified with the iodine of the sea. With a taste and intensity so intense that soon it will be on the radar of patrons not only from the neighborhood, but also from all over Athens, "Iolkos" has climbed to the top of the preferences of those who want to feel some of the chicness of the Voliotiko tsipouradiko in the quiet of the southern suburbs. But, apart from the philosophy of the meze, the catalyst for its establishment in the habits of the sea food merchants was first and foremost the freshness of the raw materials, with exquisite

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Συνταγή χταπόδι με ελιές Μιχάλη Ντουνέτα

Octopus with olives, its broth, smoked à la minute

Ingredients 1 octapus 1,5 kilo. For the black olive spheres 200ml black olive juice 8gr glyco 1gr xantana. For the bath 1liter water 5gr algin. For the octapus Gel 100ml octapus broth 10 gr balsamic glaze 0,5gr xantana. For the aubergine salad 4 pcs of aubergines Olive oil, vinegar Onion, garlic Parsley Salt and pepper 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper For the lemon octopus foam 300 ml octopus boiling broth 150 ml lemon juice 5 g lecithin For the basil oil 30 g basil leaves 150 ml olive oil For the tomato roe 250 g basil leaves 150 ml olive oil For the tomato roe 250 g basil leaves 150 ml olive oil

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The teams of Chef

The many years of experience and friction in the field of high-level professional cuisine allows the Chef to create and collaborate with teams according to the needs of each professional space in order to achieve the right cooperation and the optimal result in the common goal of high gastronomy.

Ντουνέτας Μιχάλης Ομάδα
Ντουνέτας Μιχάλης ομάδα

With the continuous development and progress in the catering sector, a wide network of partners, products and services has been created, which makes cooperation at multiple levels mutually beneficial. Both for young professionals who want to develop and for every business that aims at a profitable and creative course in the field of gastronomy.


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Made In Greece

Luxurious 400-page publication in Greek and English with 103 recipes of modern Greek cuisine "Made in Greece" by chef Michalis Ntounetas.

The Master and top award-winning professional, with his personal style, proposes creative recipes of Greek cuisine that are worth experiencing.

"I hope it never get's stored
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Aroma of the Mediterranean

The luxurious edition encompasses in its pages all the aromas, flavours, experiences and images that inspired the renowned mentor of modern and creative Mediterranean cuisine.

The publication "Mediterranean Flavour" is not just another cookbook. It is a handy publication for amateur kitchen lovers and a knowledge tool for professionals in the field. After all, 'knowledge should be passed on, not hidden behind the walls of a kitchen. So that there can be a continuity and a future".


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